LM75 Temperature Sensor

Variable name change due to a bug in RTClib

RTClib uses two different names for the same variable: dayOfWeek (keywords.txt) and dayOfTheWeek (all other files)



Digital temperature sensors are much more interesting to work when compared to analog sensors because when you use them you just have to deal with the intrinsic accuracy of the sensor. The sensor just throws a binary code which is then interpreted and converted by the microcontroller.

On the other hand, analog temperature sensors provide a current or voltage output proportional to the absolute temperature. This means that any change on that current or voltage will change the temperature reading.

Knowing that there are lots of external factors which can influence the current or voltage (noise, ambient temperature, length of cables) it can be hard to know if that reading is correct.

Also, analog sensors rely on some sort of current or voltage reference. Again, a variation on that reference will change the temperature reading.

An analogy of this problem is the

I know that there are a few good libraries for this sensor (DS18B20).