Hitachi HD44780 LCD

The Hitachi HD44780 LCD module is well known not only in the hobbyist and small business but also in the professional industry which use these displays in machine/man interfaces like printers, telephones, uninterruptible power supplies, diesel generators and other industrial equipment.

This LCD is cheap, easy to use and it comes in a few number of size configurations: 8×1 (one row of eight characters), 16×2, 20×2, 20×4…

For this project I am going to use a simple library called LiquidCrystal. But don’t worry, this library is included in the standard package of Arduino 1.0.10 (or later).

For this project you need an Arduino Nano 3.0, one Hitachi HD44780 LCD module, one 10kOhm trimmer (to regulate the LCD contrast), a breadboard and wires.

Now you have to replicate the circuit below:

The code follows below:

For more information about this library you can read the official Arduino’s LiquidCrystal tutorial where you can find more useful functions and examples.

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