DS18B20 Data Logger

A data logger is a time or a location based electronic device used to store data. The type of data can be virtually anything: distance, speed, acceleration, temperature, pressure, humidity, current, voltage, resistance…

To keep track of the events it’s important to match that event with its corresponding time, location or both. Then you need a storage device to hold that data.

Depending on the volume of the data, you can use the internal memory of the microcontroller, an external memory chip, memory cards or even hard-drives.

For this project, you need the following items:

– 1x Arduino Nano 3.0
– 1x DS1307 real-time clock module
– 1x SD card module (with voltage conversion chip from 5V to 3.3V)
– 1x SD card
– 3x DS18B20 temperature sensor
– 1x 4.7kOhm resistor
– 1x 10kOhm resistor
– Breadboard and wires

Before compiling the code you need to download, uncompress and install the following libraries: DallasTemperature, OneWire, RTClib and SD. Keep in mind that there is a standard SD library which comes with the Arduino IDE package but you need to replace it with this one or the code will not compile (renaming the the folder of the standard SD library might cause the same issue, so, I recommend removing it). To install all these libraries simply copy them into the “libraries” folder. Alternatively you can read the official tutorial: Installing Additional Arduino Libraries


Serial Monitor:

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